Cleaning the Chimney in Easy Steps

When you are using the fireplace most of the time, there would be a huge tendency that you are going to accumulate a lot of dirt in the chimney part. Woodstove company confirmed that many house owners don’t know about the right and proper way of cleaning the fireplace and the chimney and it would lead to the possible damage. Most of them would not care about it or they don’t know that is should be cleaned right after using it or at least once in a week of schedule. You could also get a professional person to work with this one but of course, you need to pay them and you are willing to break your own budget now.

You could also do it on your own if you are a bit hesitant to hire someone as you are not so sure if they are going to clean it.

1. You need to prepare and secure the place for you to start cleaning the chimney: You have to check first if the chimney in your house needs to be cleaned right away or you have to wait after using it the next day or week. You could use a flashlight to see the chimney’s part inside and make sure that you are going to check it well as you don’t want to have some problems. You could also touch the surface of the chimney to check if the dust or ashes are too thick and would need an immediate cleaning activity during that day. Some small animals like the rats and other insects would live there for a long time especially if you are not using this one most of the time and season.

You can prepare also the things that you need to have for cleaning the chimney and make sure to measure how long are you going to clean the chimney. You need to wear the right gears in cleaning the chimney especially the glasses for the eyes as you don’t want to put the dusts into your eyes or nose. You could ask the help of the other family members when doing this.

2. You have to keep in your mind that you need to clean it from the top part to down area: Make sure that you would include the top part of the chimney by going to the roof top and bring a long stick with broom.

3. You could try the different methods and ways to clean the area: You could think of the different methods and solutions to clean the chimney faster and you don’t want to waste your time as well.

4. Finishing the job with some good ways to ensure the cleanliness: After cleaning the chimney, you need to clean also the different parts of the area which is very close to the fireplace.

5. You could hire someone if you don’t know the things to do: It is fine to check the quotation for cleaning the chimney if you want to hire a company to do it for you.